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Activity & Timeouts

How usage time is calculated

Clovyr Code time usage is accrued while instances are active.

  • Total time used this month can be viewed on the Manage tab of the Clovyr Code homepage
  • Each application instance is tracked independently, so if you have two repositories open in two instances simultaneously, two minutes of usage are counted per clock-minute
  • When no user input is detected for more than 30 minutes, the instance is paused. Click the "Resume" button to continue working

Active instances

Switch quickly between active instances by selecting them in the Clovyr sidebar.

Pause a workspace

Workspaces can be paused manually by clicking the Pause icon on the relevant workspace's card on the Manage tab of the Clovyr Code homepage.

Resume a workspace

To resume work in a paused workspace, click the Play icon on the relevant workspaces's card on the Manage tab of the Clovyr Code homepage, or click anywhere on the background of the card.